How to Configure a Buyer Persona Workshop Agenda


In previous posts I’ve talked about how to run a successful buyer persona workshop and provided some of the tools I’ve used to profile buyers. In this post I propose a sample agenda for a one day workshop mainly intended for a B2B situation.

This agenda can be modified for different circumstances but provides a good base to work from and good place to start at least.

The agenda assumes that you have a full day to work with and divides into five broad sections..

  1. Pinpoint what we are trying to achieve and what we know already about customers

  2. Generates a long list of potential customer archetypes - both current and ideal, decision makers and influencers

  3. Clustering and prioritising into groups of similar buyers

  4. Building the buyer personas to a format and bringing to life

  5. Identify next steps and how to further validate the personas through a programme of cloeness

This is how it looks in reality once you add in the breaks.

buyer persona agenda

In terms of who to involve, I would suggest that in an ideal world you should have say 12-16 people who have a customer facing knowledge that they can bring to the party.

If you want to be actively involved in contributing to the workshop content and keeping the day moving consider using an independent moderator or facilitator.

In the course of a day you can achieve quite a lot in terms of alignment amongst the management team but the job is only half done in as much as it requires further validation through interviews with individuals who represent each of the personas. This can help to embellish the profiles with real quotes that help to bring their beliefs and attitudes to life.

If you’d like to know more or have more specific enquiries please do not hesitate to get in touch.