That’s where we start.

We bring product and service design that creates value through prototyping. Starting with user needs and ending with investment cases, embracing the fusion of products with services and new technologies. We can make your idea a reality and gather real-world feedback.

Let’s get it off the ground. Let’s see if it flies.


service Design & prototyping

We put users at the heart of our approach to product, service and business design. By using what have become known as design thinking and lean startup techniques, we enable rapid learning at minimal risk through thoughtful iteration.

Having a crisp idea of buyer personas can help shape projects around user needs from the outset using techniques like the buyer persona workshop.

This lean prototyping approach enables a rapid refinement from paper prototypes to minimum viable product to proof of concept and pilot. Whatever’s required and makes practical sense.

User testing & Proposition Building

To find out whether it works in reality we conduct user testing, quickly putting prototypes in front of potential users. Then we listen. Taking on board user feedback enables us to evolve quickly and rapidly refine the prototypes.

We can also begin to articulate how best to express the proposition and use this as the basis of acquisition testing. Allowing us to work out whether we can cost effectively win new customers.

Ultimately what we are looking for through this process is evidence of traction and a product-market fit.


business case.jpg

Business Modelling & investment case

As well as developing the product or service design we can also translate what we’ve learned into a business model and use the test data to start building a business case.

This process can often highlight other areas to test and validate. Ultimately this evidence can then be used to build out a business case which can be pitched to executive teams or potential investors.

We’d like to hear about your ideas and discuss with you how we can help you to get them off the ground.