New Revenue Streams for Good Causes

For the last year I’ve been leading a project with Good Innovation and the Good Lab to identify ways that charities and social enterprises can generate new revenue streams. In essence the Good Lab is a business incubator focussed on the charity sector. The business idea that we have been prototyping is to create an online experience marketplace for charities.

This entailed identifying enjoyable, worthwhile and hard to find experiences, rooted in the assets and capabilities of our charity partners.

Having explored setting up and prototpying our own online marketplace on Shopify in the end we decided to partner with Airbnb to deliver our experiences through their platform.

The partnership we built with them allowed us to make the best of their fabulous user experience and reach to maximise the distribution of our experiences through their Social Impact programme.

This film made by Airbnb beautifully captures what this business idea is all about and demonstrates the potential for creating rich, fulfilling experiences that are rooted in the cause. It also shows the way towards creating new revenue streams as well as a whole new level engagement with supporters.

Thanks to the lovely people at Airbnb, Guide Dogs, The Good Lab and Good Innovation for helping to make it happen.